Milarepa Day

Shambhala has a tradition of getting together once a year and chanting the songs of the lineage. This is called Milarepa Day because we start and end the day with the Guru Yoga practice of Milarepa. Milarepa was a teacher famed for not only their wisdom but also the fact that their instructions were sung … Continue 

Kalapa Valley Bridge Building

We are thrilled that Kalapa Valley has been awarded a Shambhala trust grant to build  a bridge across Peddler’s Brook  

Children’s Day at Cabot Shores

Shambhala Children’s Day and Winter Solstice Celebration at Cabot Shores On December 21, 2017, a group of nine children and 15 adults gathered at Cabot Shores to celebrate Shambhala Children’s Day. Children’s Day and Winter Solstice are both celebrated on December 21st. Because this marks the time of year when daylight has waned and the … Continue 

Dragon and Dignity in your life

Dragon A Shambhala dragon is not the same as the dragon of British storytelling. This is not a giant enemy lizard that needs to be vanquished. The Dragon dignity is the dragon of the Orient, the east.

Songs for Children’s Day

Unborn Unborn, unborn. From that everything arises. Solid Earth is tamed as plowed ground.  yo ho yo ho the great eastern sun

Garuda and Dragon in your life

  Garuda Garuda is the dignity that everyone gaps on. What is a Garuda? Well, it is a mythical bird like creature that was prominent in Indian culture. So like the Dragon we only know it from stories and haven’t seen them directly. What we are told is that Garudas don’t go through a series … Continue 

Lion in everyday life

Lion Lion goes a bit beyond the basics and yet is still very connected to them. If you make the cup of tea then when you drink it you enjoy it. That enjoyment or appreciation is infusing the situation with the dignity of the lion.

By the confidence….

Why is the Shambhala Aspiration the closing chant? It’s nice to mark the close of a meditation session.  It allows one to notice that you have done something and then take a moment to acknowledge that and then move on. 

Practicing with the Sakyong – Dec 9 and 10

Kurukulla and Vajrakilaya Pujas for Shambhala On December 9th and 10th, the Kongma Sakyong will perform two pujas, or intensive practices, for the benefit of Shambhala and the world.  If you would like to make a request or offerings.       For this season’s pujas, he has again selected practices that members of the community … Continue 

What is a guide and how do I become one?

The principles of Shambhala are very earthy and real.  Gentleness, Fearlesness and Wisdom for example.  The way those are expressed is kindness.  When you come to meditate at any group or centre (hopefully) the first thing you are greeted with is ‘hello’.  Then someone shows you around.  Are you here for the first time?  Would … Continue 

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