By the confidence….

Why is the Shambhala Aspiration the closing chant? It’s nice to mark the close of a meditation session.  It allows one to notice that you have done something and then take a moment to acknowledge that and then move on. 

Practicing with the Sakyong – Dec 9 and 10

Kurukulla and Vajrakilaya Pujas for Shambhala On December 9th and 10th, the Kongma Sakyong will perform two pujas, or intensive practices, for the benefit of Shambhala and the world.  If you would like to make a request or offerings.       For this season’s pujas, he has again selected practices that members of the community … Continue 

What is a guide and how do I become one?

The principles of Shambhala are very earthy and real.  Gentleness, Fearlesness and Wisdom for example.  The way those are expressed is kindness.  When you come to meditate at any group or centre (hopefully) the first thing you are greeted with is ‘hello’.  Then someone shows you around.  Are you here for the first time?  Would … Continue 

Dignity in everyday life

TLGD in life   I was asked to write a short something on how the dignities of Tiger, Lion, Garuda and Dragon dignity are apparent and incorporated into our daily lives. This is an extensive topic in the Shambhala teachings.  All of the Sakyong’s books touch on different aspects of how one can integrate them … Continue