Heart of Recovery

Heart of Recovery Heart of Recovery is a program that is hosted by a variety of Shambhala Centres. Many groups have their own Heart of Recovery group which meets on a regular basis (online and/or in person) focused upon sharing support while bringing together contemplative practice and a commitment to sobriety. The Heart of Recovery … Continue 

Code Of Conduct for Shambhala

Code of Conduct – Policies Shambhala Global Code of Conduct Policies The Code of Conduct applies to everyone in Shambhala and at every activity sponsored by Shambhala. The Code of Conduct is an offering by and for the community, as a collective commitment to the quality of the environment we seek to establish and maintain … Continue 

How to bring out meditation in our daily lives?

  So often those of us who are interested in meditation ask ourselves – does meditation help us when we are not actually sitting on the cushion? Does meditation help the attitude we take when we are doing things in our day-to-day life? Is there an overflow of training our mind that we can actually … Continue 

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Harvesting Peace in Cape Breton

Heads up everyone Cabot Shores and Paul and Barbara and Acharaya Moh Hardin will be hosting our annual community ‘harvest of peace’ on September 23. It’s funny how we think we have ‘always’ had a fall Nyida day celebration and that it ‘always’ has had food and children events and ‘always’ some group practice! well…  … Continue 

Midsummers in the Margaree’s

Midsummer’s Day, Sunday June 24 At Shambhala we have a long tradition of celebrating the changing of the seasons. Summer brings openness, warmth, and often a sense of relaxation and enjoyment of the simple things in life. Please join us on Sunday, June 24th for a float down the river celebration where we can relax together and … Continue 

Vaishaka Day

“Just as when the Buddha was born the devas bathed him, just so with pure divine water we are bathed.” That is the verse we recite when we take turns symbolically washing an image of the Buddha.   This is to celebrate the Buddhas birth – which is also celebrating our own birth as all beings … Continue 

Empowered Feminine retreat at Cabot Shores

A MEDITATION RETREAT AND CELEBRATION OF THE EMPOWERED FEMININE May 26 – 27, 2018 Cabot Shores, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Come transform through the power of the mandala, a universal template of inner and outer wholeness. Drawing on her experience as a Tibetan Buddhist nun, who became a best-selling author and world-renowned Buddhist teacher, Tsultrim … Continue 

Milarepa Day

Shambhala has a tradition of getting together once a year and chanting the songs of the lineage. This is called Milarepa Day because we start and end the day with the Guru Yoga practice of Milarepa. Milarepa was a teacher famed for not only their wisdom but also the fact that their instructions were sung … Continue 

Kalapa Valley Bridge Building

We are thrilled that Kalapa Valley has been awarded a Shambhala trust grant to build  a bridge across Peddler’s Brook  

Children’s Day at Cabot Shores

Shambhala Children’s Day and Winter Solstice Celebration at Cabot Shores On December 21, 2017, a group of nine children and 15 adults gathered at Cabot Shores to celebrate Shambhala Children’s Day. Children’s Day and Winter Solstice are both celebrated on December 21st. Because this marks the time of year when daylight has waned and the … Continue