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Our Cape Breton Shambhala community has all ages, backgrounds, and cultures and we all bring meditation into our lives in different ways.  Our groups serve as a place where we connect around areas of interest: bringing more peace and space into our daily lives, social action, Buddhist teachings, or just sharing experience and warmth with others.  Our small groups are also a source of support and encouragement for everyone exploring the richness and challenge of meditation practice.  Ones own curiosity is what shapes our programming.

The Shambhala groups in Cape Breton are part of an international community of over 220 meditation Centres and Groups. For more information about the Shambhala tradition, history and current world-wide initiatives open the Shambhala International tab.

“Meditation is based on the premise that the natural state of mind is calm and clear…..Meditation is a way to slow down and see how our mind works. This has nothing to do with religion or a spiritual path. It has everything to do with simply being human.” Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


Community Events

Nyinthun - a day of meditation

—November 17th

Nyinthun Nyi means day and Thun means meditation session. Come and join in a day of silent meditation. The day starts with a bit of an orientation and tea and then we settle in to sitting and breathing and walking and not talking and coming back to o Continue »