Children’s Day at Cabot Shores

Shambhala Children’s Day and Winter Solstice Celebration at Cabot Shores

On December 21, 2017, a group of nine children and 15 adults gathered at Cabot Shores to celebrate Shambhala Children’s Day.

Children’s Day and Winter Solstice are both celebrated on December 21st. Because this marks the time of year when daylight has waned and the night is longest, light is a special characteristic of this holiday. At a time when darkness is prevalent, we celebrate our children and their natural ability to remind us of the warmth, heart, and cheerfulness of basic goodness.

Outdoor Lhasang

Shambhala Ceremony with children dancing around the fire

The event started out with an outdoor lhasang (smoke ceremony) at nightfall. Exclaiming “Ki Ki So So”, we all danced around the fire, and through the juniper smoke inviting the dralas, or awakened energy, to descend.

Candlelight Procession

Shambhala ceremony candlelight procession with songs

A candlelight procession followed, accompanied by songs and rounds around the children’s shrine. Everyone wrote an Act of Kindness intention, and placing it on the shrine, the children all received a small gift. A delicious potluck was enjoyed by all, followed by stories by the candles, now all held in one place.


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