Profound Treasury Reading Group – now online Thursdays 2:30 Atlantic

The Profound Treasury is a collection of the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche over 12 years.  The topics cover the whole of the buddhist teachings and were giving as a way of training students in true understanding of the Buddhadharma.  Very helpful to deepen ones understanding of meditation and human values.

It is meeting on Zoom right now – Thursdays 2:30  – 3:00 Atlantic time   

you don’t need a copy of the book to participate in the class.

if you want more information or want to be talked through how to connect on zoom call Kristine McCutcheon 902 235 2789

This is a huge collection and is presented in three books.  The Path of individual Liberation, The Bodhisattva Path of Wisdom and Compassion and The Tantric Path of complete Wakefulness


A simple way to study this material is via a small circle or ‘book club’.  The format is simple.  We start and end with a little bit of meditation and then we take turns slowly reading and discussing as we go along.  We set a time limit so that we don’t burn out 🙂 and we enjoy tea at the same time.  People take turns hosting a ‘book club’ meeting.




If you are interested in joining an existing study, starting your own or just wanting to parachute in,  Email Cliff Esler to express interest.  There may or may not be a group in your area but if there is a way to get connected we will try.

Studying the teachings of Buddhism and especially as presented by a master, inspires us to meditate and bring more attention into our lives.  When questions come up on our meditation practice often even random study will help direct us to deeper understandings.  Bringing the two wings of study and practice together is how to accomplish the path.

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