What is a guide and how do I become one?

The principles of Shambhala are very earthy and real.  Gentleness, Fearlesness and Wisdom for example.  The way those are expressed is kindness.  When you come to meditate at any group or centre (hopefully) the first thing you are greeted with is ‘hello’.  Then someone shows you around.  Are you here for the first time?  Would you like meditation instruction?

This person is likely a ‘guide’, someone who can help guide you, orient you to the basic principles of meditation.  Guides can lead the meditation and give group meditation instruction.  There first role is to let you get settled and oriented.  ‘this is a gomden, this is a zabuton, one is to sit on, the other protects you ankles and keeps your feet warm (it is Cape Breton).  The extra cushion is if you are tall.


they can show you to your cushion or chair.  Then they will go and sit as well and ‘lead’ the sitting.  They will guide you with words to relax and settle your posture, to find and connect with your natural breathing and settle and be present.

Here is Adam Lobel with a longer version that you can listen to at home 🙂

After the meditation there is often a gathering where you can talk with everyone there.  If you have questions about meditation please ask them.  Everyone does!  Guides are trained in how to give meditation instruction and answer questions about it.  They are also there to listen.

In Shambhala the first person you meet will probably be a guide and not to long before that they were the person who was being greeted.

the principles of meditation are passed from one person to another.  This is what makes a society strong.  That connection from one person to the next.

People become guides by going through a little more training and being willing to step up and say yes, I can help in this very straightforward way.

If you are interested in being a guide – ask a guide the next time you go to group meditation.  They are probably the person who is ringing the gong.

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